Where to shop at local black businesses in Sacramento CA

It is possible to support black businesses next weekend at an annual Black Friday event in Sacramento.

The Black Friday Coalition will be returning its fifth annual Shop Black Friday event to Florin Square. The event will run from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on November 26 and from noon to 6 p.m. on November 27.

Shop Black Friday will take place at 2251 Florin Rd ,. where local and outside black businesses, vendors and entrepreneurs will sell their wares and products during the two-day event. Vendors sell many products, such as books, clothing, food, wellness items, jewelry, accessories, and more.

The goal of the annual event is to continue the practice of keeping dollars within black communities and to help create sustainability for many black businesses participating in the event.

Community organizer Berry Accius said the event was not just about black people. It is also an opportunity to bridge the gap from one culture to another.

“It’s not just an event, but a culture and a way of life. This is how you standardize the buying and building of Black, ”said Accius. “This whole platform that we use is more than a shift in mindset, but it represents exposure of future black entrepreneurs, seasoned entrepreneurs, and mom and pop businesses.”

Last year, the event hosted 50 small businesses and suppliers. They are looking to increase this number with already more than 80 registered suppliers. Interested vendors, owners and contractors can register for a booth by contacting Accius at 916-949-9026 or by emailing [email protected]

The Black Friday Coalition was started by Accius, Ayesha Ransom-White and Dana Maeshia, three entrepreneurs whose goal is to help empower, celebrate and support other black entrepreneurs.

This year, the event takes on a more sentimental value as they seek to honor the life and legacy of Maeshia, who died unexpectedly in August. She loved Shop Black Friday events because of the way they connect black businesses and provide a space to come together as a community and uplift each other.

Accius, a close friend and business partner of Maeshia, said this event will continue to keep its name “lit” and relevant in the hearts and minds of people in the community.

“This year we lost a dear sister, Dana Maeshia. She played an important role in the creation of Shop Black Friday. This event will be forever in his honor, as it was about construction and culture, ”said Accius.

The concept of Shop Black Friday was born from the desire to continue to build on the legacy of Black Wall Street in Tulsa.

The mission of the Black Friday Coalition is to redefine the mindset of African-American and black citizens to become economically self-sufficient. The event was created for black people to shop as an alternative to traditional businesses such as Walmart or Target.

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Marcus D. Smith covers black communities for The Sacramento Bee. Marcus is an alumnus of Texas Southern University in Houston. Marcus grew up in Sacramento and is delighted to be back home following his passion for journalism.

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