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The weather change was drastic and extremely quick, not giving us enough time to go through all our winter clothes or even get them out of storage. So here are some favorite transitional clothing pieces you might already have, plus some great advice from a few of our forward-thinking Unleashed staffers.

The cardigan

One of my favorite clothes is the cardigan. There are several reasons why they are endlessly versatile: they come in all lengths, yarns, knitting/crochet patterns, colors and more. They can be the perfect reflection of your mood, a fantastic accessory, the ultimate comfort item, and if you’re a Swifty, they’re an obvious must-have.

But let’s get back to why they’re the perfect transitional garment for fall. During the summer, when most of us spend our time in tank tops, cardigans are a saving grace when it gets windy or the chilly nights outside start to get to us.

Once it starts to come in the fall, however, they really take center stage. As the days get colder, they look great over a t-shirt, blouse, and even a button-up. They’re great for lounging around the house, they’re school dress code friendly, and they look great on everyone! They might even be your next crochet or knitting project.

The cardigan sweater is a timeless piece that never disappoints and certainly won’t let us down this year.

— Olivia Rankin, Eisenhower High School, 12th grade


If you’re like me, you hate the tricky transition between summer and fall when it comes to fashion and style. Is it now too cold for a short sleeve? Is it still too hot to wear a hoodie?

These questions are a daily concern for teenagers and young adults trying to find a stylish outfit for this off-season. The good news is that I’ve found the perfect garment to add to your wardrobe this fall: the jacket.

A shirt is a slightly oversized shirt-jacket found all over the internet. The jacket is the perfect all-season layering piece offering comfort and warmth no matter the time of year.

As fall approaches, be sure to be on the lookout for these stylish and comfy alternatives; they are a staple in your wardrobe for seasons to come.

—Lexi Barbee, West Valley High School, Grade 12

The set in two parts

I’ve been waiting for this moment for three months now. Finally, the leaves started to line up with the accent colors of a shirt I was looking forward to wearing.

Fall presents an interesting challenge. His days are temperate and beautiful. But dare to step outside and you’ll either be scorched by the sun or frozen by the tundra winds. Fortunately, the company presented us with a versatile solution for all occasions: a t-shirt and sweatpants.

The sweatpants are the easy part – I just pick randomly from my floor or my drawer – but the T-shirt is a whole different matter.

My shirt of choice is actually the one I stole from a friend – the Curbside branded ‘Roasting Raccoon’ shirt, designed by Mandy Heck. Something about this shirt – a raccoon roasting a marshmallow by a campfire – really spoke to me, so I bought one for myself. Heck’s design also works well with the season, given that it exudes a sense of calm and relaxation.

However, the hot and cold whiplash of fall also demands a certain level of practicality from your clothes, no matter how cool. My shirt of choice is able to strike a nice balance. It’s warm and soft, serving as a buffer against the cold for short outdoor excursions, much like the blanket that features prominently in its design. But it’s also cool and comfortable enough to wear indoors.

The design itself is well constructed and integrated into the fabric, unlike other designed shirts I own.

— Magnus Fulton, West Valley High School, Grade 11


Let me start by saying this: I love fall. I love sweaters, crisp leaves and, of course, cozy outfits. It’s the perfect time for sweater time and tea.

That’s why my favorite fall formula is a cozy sweater with straight pants. It’s simple enough to add a little spice without doing too much work. Then, of course, you leave the rest to accessorizing.

But to focus more on a specific piece of clothing that I’m still looking for at this time, mine should be a vest. People who know me know how much I love vests, and it’s usually a little something I add to complete an outfit. There is so much flexibility and range with vests because no matter the weather, you can easily layer them.

Long sleeves and hoodies pair perfectly under a simple gray cardigan. Or if I want to make a statement, I’ll go for a colorful cardigan with a simple outfit. It’s a great way to incorporate a pop of color into my personal style.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to turn your wardrobe into winter gear, invest in a vest!

— Ellie Suhm, Eisenhower High School, 9th grade

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