The concept of in-store coffee emerges as a central trend for the retail industry

This photo provided by APC shows his in-store coffee at the Dongtan outlet at Lotte Department Store in Hwaseong, south of Seoul.

SEOUL, Oct 15 (Korea Bizwire)‘Teatime retail’, a term describing the trend to open ‘in-store cafes’ or strengthen a tea time service that applies to clothing and luxury stores, is becoming a central theme for the industry. of retail.

The trend reflects the retail industry’s view that offering the tea-tasting and tasting experience is important to attract customers accustomed to online shopping since the COVID-19 pandemic. .

On the second floor of the Dongtan outlet of the Lotte department store, which specializes in fashion and luxury stores, French fashion company APC has opened an in-store cafe, a first among its stores in the world.

Swedish clothing store ARKET also opened an in-store cafe in Seoul, its first in Asia.

The main reason the retail industry is turning to in-store cafes is that they can lower the barrier of entry for people in their 20s and 30s, making it easier for them to enter. luxury and clothing stores.

Luxury watch brand IWC recently partnered with a national coffee shop chain to open the “Big Pilot Bar” in the main store of Lotte Department Store in Seoul.

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