The average analyst recommendation for G-III Apparel Group, Ltd. (NASDAQ: GIII) is “Hold”.

According to Bloomberg, the ten research firms that track G-III Apparel Group, Ltd. (NASDAQ: GIII) gave the company’s stock an average recommendation of “Hold” in their company coverage. This recommendation is based on the fact that the research firms believe that the company will continue to perform well in the future. Additionally, three financial analysts issued a buy recommendation for the company’s stock, while five gave the company a hold rating. Most research firms that have expanded their coverage of the company’s stock over the past year have positioned a price target of $25.00 for the stock, which represents an average price target for the next year.

Recent studies have focused their attention on GIII in various ways to study it. CL King announced in a research report published on September 8 that the price target they had set for G-III Apparel Group had been reduced from $45.00 to $26.00. The previous price target was set at $45.00. An article about G-III Apparel Group was first mentioned on on Wednesday, October 12. The article has been published. They recommended that shareholders “keep” their shares in the company. Piper Sandler reaffirmed an “overweight” rating on G-III Apparel Group shares and set a price target of $28.00 for the company in a report released Friday, July 22. Piper Sandler has also set a price target of $28.00 for the stock. Preliminary findings from KeyCorp’s investigation of G-III Apparel Group were released on July 20, following the company’s announcement. They gave the company an “overweight” rating and determined that a price target of $27.00 was appropriate. The G-III Apparel group was downgraded by Barclays from “equal weight” to “underperforming” in a report released on Friday, September 9, and it wasn’t the last downgrade of the day.
GIII’s share price was set at $20.75 per share on Friday. G-III Apparel Group’s price ranged from a low of $14.37 to a high of $33.40 year-over-year. The current price of the G-III clothing group is $14.37. The company’s stock price has a moving average of $17.26 over the past 50 days and a moving average of $21.07 over the past 200 days. The company’s market capitalization is currently $985.42 million, while its P/E ratio is 4.61, its PEG ratio is 0.32, and its beta value, respectively, is 2.52. Moreover, the debt ratio, the current ratio and the quick ratio all arrive at the same value of 0.31 for each of these terms.

G-III Apparel Group’s latest quarterly earnings report, trading under the NASDAQ ticker symbol: GIII, was released on September 7. The textile company reported earnings of $0.39 per share for the quarter, down $0.08 from the consensus estimate of $0.47 per share provided by industry experts. Industry experts had predicted that the company would report earnings of $0.47 per share. G-III Apparel Group’s return on equity was 13.61%, while the company’s net margin was 7.26%. The community had predicted that the company would generate $592.53 million in revenue for the quarter, but the actual amount reported by the company was $605.20 million, which is significantly higher than the estimate. The company earned $0.39 per share in the same period a year earlier. Compared to the prior year period, G-III Apparel Group’s quarterly revenue showed an increase of 25.3%. Market research professionals predict that G-III Apparel Group will generate earnings of $3.66 per share in the current fiscal year.

Over the past few weeks, several hedge funds and institutional investors have shifted their investments in GIII to take advantage of new opportunities. Wasatch Advisors Inc. increased its stake in G-III Apparel Group by purchasing an additional 28.890 million shares in the first three months of 2018. The amount of G-III Apparel Group held by Point72 Asset Management LP increased by 204, 3% in the second quarter of the year. Point72 Asset Management LP now owns 727,778 shares of the textile maker, valued at $14,723,000 after purchasing an additional 488,599 shares during the last reporting period. These shares were purchased for a total of $14,723,000. Additionally, Vanguard Group Inc. increased the number of shares held by G-III Apparel Group by 7.3% during the first fiscal quarter. Vanguard Group Inc. now has 4,874,631 shares issued by the textile company. This is after the company made additional purchases of 332,865 shares in the last fiscal quarter. The current market value of these shares is $131,858,000. Fuller & Thaler Asset Management Inc. made a new investment in G-III Apparel Group in the first three months of 2018 for approximately $8,968,000. Last but not least, in the first three months of 2018, BlackRock Inc. increased its holdings of G-III Apparel Group shares by three zero percent. There are currently 7,583,681 shares of the textile maker held by investment firm BlackRock Inc. These shares are worth $205,139,000. This is a direct result of the purchase of 218,715 additional shares during the company’s last fiscal quarter. Institutional investors and hedge funds own 88.68% of the total number of issued and outstanding shares in the company.

G-III Garments Group, Ltd. is in charge of the design, supply and international distribution of clothing for men, women and children. The name “retail operations” is given to two of the company’s departments, and “wholesale operations” is given to the other two departments. It offers a selection of women’s handbags, shoes and other small leather goods in addition to luggage. It also offers women’s coats, dresses, activewear, swimwear, costumes and performance wear. On top of that, it sells luggage as well as cold weather accessories.

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