Start your journey to sustainability at Paul & Shark’s new flagship store at The Starhill

Want to look as sharp as a shark without hurting a fin of these stunning sea creatures, and also contribute to a conservation fund that educates and protects them? Enter the first Paul & Shark flagship store in Malaysia and meet a brand that started with water and is immersed in Italian craftsmanship, tradition and innovation.

“Paul & Shark” was an inscription on the sail of an 18th century clipper that caught the attention of Paolo, the eldest son of Gian Ludovico Dini, during a visit to a small sailmaker shop in Maine, USA. United in the 1970s. The Dini family had founded Maglificio Daco, a knitting factory in Varese, Italy, in 1921. There, workers took care of all aspects of production, from yarn sourcing to fabric production, including packaging.

Paolo’s “find” led to the Paul & Shark C0P918 sweater, released in 1978, a sailing sweater that heralds the birth of a brand that believes “you can’t control the wind but you can set your sails”. Over the generations, it has followed a journey inspired by comfort, beauty and durability, guided by the imperious demands of the time.

Clothing and accessories rooted in maritime traditions are available in the company’s 280 single-brand stores in 73 countries around the world. The C0P918 sweater known for its packaging – a metal box used on board ships as a multi-purpose container – was the first in a line of water-repellent pleasure knits that protect against water and wind and provide sporty comfort with a twist. of glamor. Many other collections have since followed, sealing the company’s reputation for luxury, weather-resistant sportswear made from durable materials with an Italian flair.

The Starhill in Kuala Lumpur, where shoppers can indulge in experiential retail in an intimate boutique environment, is an ideal home for the 140m² flagship store, which will feature iconic Paul & Shark pieces. Among them, organic polo shirts that embody relaxed sophistication, with the brand logo embroidered on the chest available in 100 colors, and classic outerwear that young people will be happy to inherit from their fathers. Knits in different shades of blue, like the depths of the sea, remain a staple, with merino wool, crew neck sweaters stitched with suede, nylon and cotton details a perennial favorite.

Daniel Beltsos, Director of YTL Retail, says Paul & Shark in KL is the brand’s first exclusive flagship store. “It is aligned with The Starhill’s luxury lifestyle positioning, Home of the Tastemakers, to appeal to gentlemen who have a passion for fashion, watches, cigars, food and wine.”

Designed for the active outdoor lifestyle, the brand’s quality leisurewear is especially aimed at those who enjoy yachting, sailing and golf, Beltsos adds.

While tradition, craftsmanship and a keen perception of customer needs drive Paul & Shark forward, the rudder that steers its course is technology, cutting-edge equipment that places conservation as a priority, to ensure human safety, land and sea because the ocean is the planet’s lifeline. A healthy ocean regulates the climate and reduces the impact of climate change – crucial, with the dire signs of global warming having surfaced.

Conservation begins with an environmental conscience for this green company since 2012. It has a sustainability manifesto focused on the use of authentic and sustainable materials and technologies that increase the efficiency of water and energy consumption and reduce its environmental footprint.

Taking up this challenge, the brand aims to save the sea by using raw materials and components derived from plastic recovered from the ocean. Seaqual, a community initiative, turns polyester filaments in plastic bottles into yarns. As part of Second Life, a project founded on the belief that no clothing should be wasted, items with defects are repaired by hand and made available to customers as one-off pieces, with 20% of the profit are donated to sustainable projects with which he works around the world.

Discarded fishing nets have been gathered and reclaimed into Econyl, a new nylon that can be recycled, recreated and remolded again and again to make shirts, jackets, pants and swimwear. Organic cotton grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers is used in all of the company’s collections. And the recycled down, a blend of goose and duck down, gives new life to what would otherwise have been thrown away.

Using recycled or eco-friendly wool helps reduce carbon dioxide and toxic emissions from incinerators and from sheep and grazing operations. Paul & Shark works with wool producers at Beaufort Farm in Tasmania to obtain cruelty-free traceable fibers from Merino sheep. Shark Trust, a capsule collection named after and designed in partnership with the UK Conservation Charity, funnels 10% of item revenue to the organization.

Consumers also have a safe place among the sustainability efforts of the company, which introduced the EMW shield to insulate pockets from clothing. A steel fiber liner and metal resin protect the wearer from potentially harmful electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile devices.

Carried by the wind, Paul & Shark are about to set off far. Proud of its past – roots are the foundation of the future – it aims to “reach modern, conscious consumers who are passionate about environmental causes but also have an eye for fashion”, says Andrea Dini, CEO general of the third generation of the bar today. Bearing in mind that “our appetite for creating new innovative products and collections is endless [but] the planet’s resources are not ”, it will be necessary to maintain the course of sustainability to close the loop.

This article first appeared on September 20, 2021 in The Edge Malaysia.

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