Shop Marvel’s Must-Haves: “Hawkeye” Episode 5

It’s the season for Clint Barton and Kate Bishop! The latest Marvel Must Haves are ready to be wrapped up and placed under the tree – and don’t forget the bow! Each week throughout the series, we’ll bring you new clothes, accessories, toys and more based on and inspired by the series, and don’t forget to share what you need to have on social media with #MarvelMustHaves!

More secrets uncovered in latest Marvel Studios episode Hawk Eye, and that means more Marvel Must Haves! Although Kate Bishop has viewed Clint Barton as her partner the entire time, he finally shares the same sentiment. The only problem is that they always have Maya Lopez and Yelena on their heels …

Dive into the latest Hawk Eye t-shirts, figures and more in the image gallery below!

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