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Ree Drummond takes a new step forward with her fashion brand and partnership with Walmart Inc.

The host of cooking show “The Pioneer Woman” Food Network is expanding her clothing brand to Walmart stores across the country with her fall collection, which debuts in-store and online at Walmart today. The brand was initially launched in December online only at Walmart.

“Dishes and cooking utensils are obviously a passion of mine, but the kind of clothes I love would probably be a close second,” Drummond said of his fashion line in an interview with Zoom. “It always took me a lot of research and trial and error to find tops, especially ones that really suit me and are made for ‘real women’ in quotes, that suit someone who had four kids.I had to look up and down and always had in mind how wonderful it would be to just have an idea for a blouse and create this product.

Drummond’s second fashion collection is once again centered on flowers, which are her favorite motif. The collection features more fall-inspired floral designs, with large, bold floral designs set against darker backgrounds like black, purple, and blue. Floral patterns are found on blouses, dresses, feather dusters and loungewear pieces. Along with the fall collection, Drummond also presents sweaters.

Models from The Pioneer Woman fall collection.

“It’s like I lay down and dream about a capsule collection of clothes for fall, that’s exactly what it is,” she said of the collection. “Every item and piece in the collection is something that really excites me because I wanted to be able to wear everything. It’s really hard for me to name a favorite piece because I literally love them all.”

When asked who her client was, Drummond initially said the line was aimed at women 45 and over, however, she teamed up with her two daughters – Alex Drummond, 24 and Paige Drummond, 21. – in autumn. collection and seen how versatile the pieces were and how they can be styled for younger customers.

After nearly a year of offering the clothing brand only online, Drummond said she was excited to offer in-store at Walmart so the collection can be more accessible to customers across the country.

The fashion brand is the second project Drummond has worked on with Walmart. The cookery show host is also working with the retailer on her kitchenware label, also sold under the The Pioneer Woman brand and launched in 2015.

“It was a perfect marriage because I grew up in Oklahoma and have been shopping at Walmart all my life,” Drummond said of the partnership. “One of my priorities with my cookware was to create beautiful, adorable and whimsical products that were also very affordable, and the same goes for my clothes.”

To kick off the fall collection, Drummond and his daughters will appear in a Walmart Live shopping experience filmed at their home. Drummond will answer questions on the line and preview the parts, which can be purchased from the livestream.

Drummond already has his sights set on the brand’s future, working on a fall and spring collection for next year that features pieces in categories the line has yet to enter. The Pioneer Woman Fall Clothing Collection is priced from $ 12.99 to $ 27.99.

Ree Drummond The pioneer of the fashion brand Walmart Expansion in store

Models from The Pioneer Woman fall collection.


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