Ralph Lauren launches Fortnite apparel capsule tied to physical apparel collection

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Diving Brief:

  • Ralph Lauren has in partnership with the video game Fortnite to introduce a digital collection of apparel and accessories within the Fortnite Item Shop and a physical capsule collection, the brand announced on Monday.
  • As part of the partnership, the company has redesigned its Polo Pony logo, the first time the brand has done so in its 50-year history. Inspired by the Stadium collection and the Polo Sport line from the 90s, the brand is releasing two outfits for Fortnite on Saturday and the physical capsule collection was made available on its website on Wednesday.
  • To kick off the collection, the brand is hosting a Twitch livestream event on Thursday and co-hosting a Fortnite player tournament. At the Twitch event, rapper Polo G will perform, and streamers and esports stars including Alixxa, Sommerset and Ta1yo will make appearances.

Overview of the dive:

Although the metaverse concept has yet to fully take shape, Ralph Lauren is investing even more in the platforms it sees as the future. In addition to its collaboration with Fortnite, the iconic clothing brand has also launched its first digital clothing line in Roblox late last year.

Collaborations with Roblox and Fortnite are just one of the ways Ralph Lauren is investing in technology. Earlier this year, the brand announced plans to invest an undisclosed sum in Franklin Venture Partners, a Silicon Valley-focused investment firm, to fund “innovative consumer technology companies, with a particular focus on women-led businesses.” A spokesperson for Ralph Lauren told Retail Dive that the company wants to invest heavily in consumer technologies.

“Ralph Lauren has always engineered dreams and created new worlds, and today, our collaboration with Fortnite will deliver a groundbreaking experience to a new community of next-generation gamers and consumers,” said David Lauren, Chief Technology Officer. brand and innovation at Ralph Lauren. in a statement about the Fortnite partnership. “Our partnership represents a completely new vision for the Ralph Lauren brand – designing first for the metaverse – that is firmly focused on the future. We are excited to continue to lead digital exploration, building on our decades of pioneering innovation.”

But as Ralph Lauren ventures into gaming platforms and immersive virtual worlds, so do other brands. In June, Timberland partnered with Epic Games and creative studio Conceptkicks to create four “Metaboots” and three biomes users could explore in Fortnite. And at the end of October, Claire’s introduces ShimmerVillea virtual space within Roblox where users can dress up their avatars with accessories that Claire’s offers in its physical stores and engage in other activities.

As brands flock to gaming universes, Fortnite’s parent company, Epic Games, has raised capital to improve its platform. Earlier this year, the company raised $2 billion from Sony Group Corporation and Kirkbi (the investment company behind The Lego Group), funding which he said he wanted to use to build the Metaverse. At that time, the investment propelled its valuation to $31.5 billion.

While some brands are turning to metaverse activations to reach new customers, it remains to be seen if the concept will catch on. A investigation published in May by Wunderman Thompson Intelligence found that during 74% of respondents had heard of the Metaverse in March, only 15% said they could explain the idea to others. This survey also found that 72% of parents worry about their children’s privacy in the Metaverse, and two-thirds said they were concerned about their children’s safety. More, a Piper Sandler survey published in April found this 48% of teens aren’t interested in the metaverse or are not sure.

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