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At Glam Adelaide, we love a new coffee as much as the next person! But it’s not every day that professional athletes decide to open their own site.

Professional runners Riley Cocks and Izzi Batt Doyle, alongside business partner Bryn Nicholls, opened The race house – a new cafe based in Norwood for runners and non-runners.

The Run House offers a “special place for runners and the health and fitness conscious”, as well as anyone looking for a “cosy vibe” and a dose of coffee. The new cafe arrives as Riley, Izzi and Bryn’s racing group needed a base.

“We started a running group during COVID less than two years ago and it now has over 300 members,” says Riley.

“We’ve had a few apparel sponsorships as pro athletes. Because we had all these links with running brands, we thought of opening a store.

“Since coffee has become such a big part of our social culture, we decided to turn it into a cafe. With so many members, we usually flock to cafes and it’s overwhelming for cafes!

“We were also looking for meeting space as we now have a number of coaches. The cafe has a few rooms in the back so we can catch up.

Riley and Izzi first started a coaching and running group, RunAsOne, in 2020 when COVID interrupted their planned international travels and competitions.

“We are both professional athletes. Izzi competed in the Tokyo Olympics 5000m athletic event and competed in the 10km event for the Commonwealth Games,” Riley said. “We are both state record holders as well – myself in the half marathon and Issy for the 3k and 5k events.”

Riley, a qualified physical therapist, began coaching his boss and Izzi’s mother. Through word of mouth, the group of runners quickly grew from two to 40.

“I think if I’m here at 6:30 for two people, I might as well invite more people,” he said.

“It was still kind of a hobby, but after 6 months I had to cut my physio hours, and now I’m with RunAsOne full time.”

The Run House opened on Sunday July 10 and served as the starting point for the club’s Long Run. Over 100 people attended and The Run House served 101 coffees.

With lots of help from the local community, Riley says they are “very lucky” to have such a good start.

“We’ll slowly start to attract locals and the general public, but we already have such a captive following after practice on Tuesday and Friday mornings,” Riley says.

As well as coffee, breakfast treats such as almond croissants, banana bread and happiness balls will also be available, along with a range of running wear, compression wear, micronutrition products sports and sports drinks.

The Run House is soft opening in July and August, only opening 4 days a week from 7am to 12pm and will post full trading hours once Izzi returns from the 2022 Commonwealth Games, currently held in Birmingham, England.

Find The Run House at 38 Charles Street, Norwood 5067.

Follow The Run House on Instagram or RunAsOne on Facebook and online.

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