No more trouble for Kanye West, he’s now being sued by a clothing company for up to $400,000

MUlti-Grammy winner and billionaire Kanye West now faces a big trial of a sophisticated fashion rental service that claims that Ye owes more than 221K in unpaid fees and that he has not returned more than a dozen selected pieces.

An exclusive fashion archive

The David Casavant Archive, which bills itself as a “private collection of the world’s rarest and most coveted clothes”, claims Ye has not paid his dues for 13 rare items he still owns.

The fashion collector also rents exclusive clothes to Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Tom Brady and many other A-Listers

Casavant Archive also claims that in case the items are completely lost, West should pay what he owes i.e. $221,810 plus an additional charge to replace items that are $195,100the source told Billboard Magazine.

“The items are all rare and esteemed pieces, valued for their rarity and significance in fashion history,” Casavant Archive attorneys said. “These are not fungible assets. Replacement costs reflect the loss of future rentals, loan opportunities, publicity and the value lost to the Archive as a whole, as each item lost is part of a greater great collection that derives its value from its completeness. .”

More lawsuits than he can handle?

Along with this trial, he still has the divorce trial he is undergoing with his ex-wife. Kim Kardashianas well as a wide range of copyright lawsuits over supposedly unlicensed sampling, and more there are rumors that he had a violent incident outside of a club in Los Angeles, according to Billboard.

It wasn’t always bad

The rapper formerly known as Kanye West is now just YePA

In 2014, when Ye had all the Yeezy Apparel buzz, Casavant Archive also served as fashion consultants and rental services, back then, Ye just kept the items for as long as he wanted and paid his fees without any problem .

“When defendant Ye occasionally lost items he had rented from the archives, defendant Yeezy was charged the cost of replacement,” the lawyers said. “All parties understood (as expressed orally and in writing and reflected in many years of prior dealings) that because clothing is not an easily replaceable commodity.”

There was no response from West’s public relations firm or staff.

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