Los Angeles clothing manufacturer spotlights clothing sample makers in new piece

Los Angeles clothing manufacturer, The Evans Group (TEG), in addition to being one of the city’s premier small-batch clothing manufacturers, employs a very talented staff.

Clothing sample makers are an integral part of the fashion production process. In addition to submitting a sample garment prototype for your line, they assist with factory production and support you throughout the process.

— The Evans Group

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — And in a brand new article published by TEG, the Los Angeles-based clothing manufacturer shares essential information about clothing sample makers and how they turn their ideas into products.

What is a Clothing Sample Maker?

A clothing sample maker is a creative professional who creates the different cuts of clothing. In short, it’s the professionals who help a designer find what looks and feels right in their future fashion collection.

For example, as the TEG team explained, the clothing designer is the professional who makes a design.

“Clothing sample makers help designers start a line of clothing, simple and straightforward. Clothing sample makers are dedicated professionals who create clothing prototypes for both new and experienced designers.

But these experts are more than just talented seamstresses and tailors. They bring designs to life, filled with unique and durable fabrics and materials that make them invaluable when designing and making garments.

Like the American clothing manufacturer emphasizes, garment sample makers are the key people who can test the waters of the fashion industry with their help. The first step in any serious fashion production is the planning process.

Once the fashion mood boards are finished, and the brainstorming has calmed down a bit, the fashion tech pack is the new focus for all the members of the team producing the clothing line.

Apparel Sample Makers and Fashion Tech Packs

Apparel sample makers help drive apparel development through the Fashion Designer’s Fashion Technology Pack (aptly called a TEG Spec Sheet at the Los Angeles Fashion Production House).

Once all the expert fashion sketches are complete, the clothing designers will consult the technical fashion pack, essentially the blueprint for the future clothing line, and get to work on the very first prototype.

And that’s a crux of TEG: the prototype is key in the process, not just for it to be the first fit, but for all the revisions and design revisions that need to be implemented. It’s never been easier (or more important) than with Small batch production of TEG Politics.

Clothing Sample Makers Make the Prototype

Now, before all the impatient fashion designers get too excited (although they should be anyway), the prototype is just a mock-up of the future design. Instead of being made of desired organic cotton or hemp, the prototype will use less expensive materials to nail the essence of fashion ideas before moving into serious production.

“The prototypical piece from your fashion collection won’t have all the bells and whistles of your final clothing line. This gives you a great base to work from and saves everyone time and money. Plus, it communicates to the designer just how much you and the apparel sampler will gel together. Does this professional understand the essence of your clothing line? You’ll quickly see once you’ve developed a few prototypes.

When starting your own bespoke clothing line, it’s never been more important to follow the advice of the clothing designer and work closely with them to achieve the perfect fit.

Next comes the cut

So how does it fit? With the next set of samples, the designer will see how the garment prototype develops from its initial designs to the fit sample.

The fit sample, different from the prototype, is the sample in which the garment sampler determines how the sample fits. As TEG states:

“As with the other stages of designing and manufacturing clothes, you have to be meticulous about measurements and sizes. Consider every option, size and type of material. With that in mind, your original fabric and durable materials will debut with the fit swatch.

And it’s here that The Evans Group doubles down on checking out the fashion tech pack. One error (no matter how minor) can shake the foundations of the entire collection. A new clothing line can be threatened by a lack of oversight. But luckily, TEG’s apparel design experts will keep the information under control.

How Fashion Designers Benefit from Clothing Sample Designers

The Evans Group summarizes the importance of garment sample makers towards the end of the article:

“Clothing sample makers are an integral part of the fashion production process. In addition to submitting a sample garment prototype for your line, they assist with factory production and support you throughout the process. says the Evans group.

Never a company to shy away from their large and varied team of creative experts, they leave a crucial mention to their hardworking staff:

“Plus, by working in tandem with the rest of a production team (think creative experts, fellow designers, and textile workers), your prototypes will quickly become extraordinary clothing collections within weeks.”

In short, sample apparel makers are experts in turning good fashion designs into unique garments for a booming brand.

From Downtown Los Angeles, founder Jennifer Evans and her team have ensured that when clients walk into the production house, they are in good hands. And, when you’re an emerging fashion designer, finding that clothing maker who shares creative flair and ideas is crucial to achieving goals.

In this spirit, TEG helps emerging designers find their place without breaking the bank. It’s a breath of fresh air from an industry that tends to stay in control through name recognition, unlimited funds and resources. And for that, The Evans Group is easily one of the best bets for fashion designers around the world to invest in.

Learn more about the Evans Group

The Evans Group, founded in 2005, is a full-service fashion development and production house based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Since its inception, The Evans Group has worked with over 2,000 clothing brands and designers.

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