Local police warn against buying fraudulent clothes

Camden and Boonville Police Departments have issued a warning against buying fraudulent t-shirts using their patches and branding.

Boonville police officials said they received a number of complaints from residents who received a text message advertising a Boonville Police Department hoodie for $10 off. The hoodie features the Boonville Police crest and other police iconography, along with the phrase “Everyone is created equal but only the best are served in the Boonville NY Police Department”.

“At no time have I or anyone else authorized to do so authorize any person or persons to use our Boonville Police Department crest for any non-law enforcement purposes,” warned the responsibles.

“Needless to say, the Boonville Police Department does not have any hoodies or other apparel for sale at this time.”

Camden Police officials said they saw a similar scam, with t-shirts and hoodies bearing a similar slogan, with the name changed to match the Camden Village Police Department. The scams came through text and Facebook Messenger, officials warned.

Both police departments said the ads are unofficial and likely a scam, and not to order the clothes offered.

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