Laundry: The ‘cheap’ and ‘effective’ kitchen essentials for removing stains from clothes – ‘the best way’

Clothing stains like coffee, chocolate, and sauce can all be tough to remove when they spill onto light-colored clothes, requiring more than just a quick wash to remove. Brits can end up spending a fortune on commercial stain removers, with some failing to do the job properly. From baking soda to salt, the laundry experts at Laundryheap have shared kitchen cabinet essentials that homeowners can use to remove stains for a fraction of the price.

Set stains can become increasingly difficult to remove the longer they are left on the fabric.

Experts have claimed that clothes need to be pre-treated before throwing them in the washing machine for the stains to come out completely.

They said, “The best way to remove stains is to pre-treat them.”

Those without pretreating products, pretreat your stains with these alternatives.

Laundry pros have explained that baking soda is particularly useful for pre-treating smelly wet stains, like coffee.

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The natural acidity of lemons acts as a natural bleach, making it an excellent stain remover.

Experts advised: “Squeezing lemon juice directly onto the stain will begin to whiten it, making the stain lighter and easier to wash off.

Be warned that using lemon juice on colored clothes can cause discoloration, so use it with caution or only on white clothes.

Cleaning experts added, “It is particularly effective on yellow underarm and rust stains.”

Those with an oily or greasy stain, sprinkle cornstarch on it immediately, experts say.

Make sure your stain is completely covered by the cornstarch and let it sit for at least 10 minutes.

The small particles that make up the cornmeal will begin to absorb the stain, loosening it from your garment.

If you catch your stain fast enough, cornstarch alone may be enough to completely remove your stain. Otherwise, wash your item as you normally would.

Salt works the same way as cornmeal, especially on red wine stains.

Laundry experts said: “The particles that make up the salt absorb the stain, leaving a smaller, more manageable stain.

“Sprinkle your red wine stain with a generous amount of salt, the less the better, and let it sit for at least 10 minutes.

“After 10 minutes, brush the salt off your garment and see if your stain has shrunk in size and become lighter.

“If not, you may want to apply more salt and leave it on longer.”

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