Kick Game will open its biggest store yet in Newcastle this week

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// Kick Game is set to open its first store in Newcastle this week
// New 1,540-square-foot location makes it the largest sneaker and streetwear store yet

kick game is set to open its first store in Newcastle on Friday November 11, housing exclusive sneaker and streetwear collections from top name brands such as Nike, Supreme and Off-White.

The retailer’s Newcastle store covers a retail space of 1,540 square feet, making it 25% larger than Kick Game’s flagship Covent Garden store and will stock over 450 shoe styles.

Kick Game General Manager Alicia Thompson said: “Bringing the Kick Game brand to Newcastle, along with the customer experience and access to the exclusive products we offer, is a hugely exciting time for us.

“Newcastle has been on our radar for some time, and we’ve finally found a store space and location that will showcase the amazing sneakers and apparel we buy very well.

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Kick Game Founder Robert Franks added, “This is the 7th Kick Game store to open and the sneaker store just goes from strength to strength as it approaches its 10th anniversary. The arrival of Kick Game in Newcastle seems to be the start of a streetwear revolution in the north of England.

Founded in 2013 by sneakerhead brothers Robert and David Franks, Kick Game tapped into the growing streetwear market.

The retailer, which has stores in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester, has seen sales volumes soar since the start of the pandemic and aims for sales of much more £50 million by the end of 2022.

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