JOLIE: A hair and clothing paradise

Tufts of hair for sale? Endless selections of clothes available for purchase too? When customers enter the Jolie Bundles and Apparel location, there’s no end to what you can find. Imagine being able to walk into the workplace where you can not only take care of your hair, but also be able to leave some of the best wires available.

Jolie’s goal is to make sure every woman who walks into the establishment remembers how beautiful she is by being able to spoil herself with amazing crop top sets, two-piece joggers, or a sundress perfect for the scorching summer weather ahead. Prices range from twenty to thirty dollars. Patterns vary from cheetah print to solid colors to designs such as flowers. You really can’t go wrong with a store like this. Are you looking to change your hairstyle? You have it. Want to try a new look for the summer? You have it. From Tuesday to Saturday, Jolie’s takes care of you!

You can find this location on the 58and block of Capitol Drive where in-store pickup and in-store shopping are both available. Ladies, be sure to visit this fine establishment and make it a date for the summer.

Quardeay Julien

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