Harbor 9 launches sustainable clothing line to avoid climate change

Due to the growing issues of clothing waste management around the world and how it contributes 10% of global carbon emissions due to the fast fashion trend, Harbour9 – a local premium clothing brand in India is consciously investing to make its range of clothing increasingly sustainable.

Introducing a line of sustainable outdoor casual clothing for the whole family, Harbor 9 uses recycled yarn and sewing scraps to make men’s sweatshirts and t-shirts, women’s tops and tough tees. and patterned for children from 0 to 12 years old.

In addition to using organic cotton fabric from regenerated yarns, the futuristic fashion brand is even devising a way to turn polyester fibers from discarded PET bottles into new-age clothing. Given the damage that plastic microfibers cause to ocean biodiversity, Harbour9’s new approach will pave the way for the use of plastic microfibers to the tune of 50 billion plastic bottles dumped from the oceans to be used ethically.

Manufactured using conscious amounts of recycled materials, Harbor9’s finished products are pre-dyed to ensure minimal environmental impact whilst being in line with current fashion trends. Inclusive in their approach, Harbour9 also offers their range of sustainable clothing in plus size options. Breathable and fashionably designed, the brand will showcase high-end, budget-friendly eco-friendly apparel, ranging from casual outdoor wear to performance gear for fitness enthusiasts.

Manoj Jain, Director of Harbour9, said: “Climate change due to global warming is a big reason for concern for humanity to go back to basics and shift their way of life to a sustainable one. One of the basic human needs, namely clothing, has evolved so rapidly in recent years that it has led to the adoption of fast fashion and its negative impact on the environment by involving cruelty to animals and the rapid development of landfills. To avoid the negative impact of waste and its impact on climate change, at Harbour9 we have developed this range of ethically sourced sustainable clothing.

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