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Six years ago, Emma Grede and Khloé Kardashian set out to create a denim brand that appealed to women of all sizes.

With their Good American label now firmly established, they’re embarking on their next journey – creating a physical store that could be one of many.

“It was planned for a long time,” said Grede, CEO and co-founder of the label. “We planned to open retail businesses just as the world changed and COVID-19 took effect. So we’re very, very lucky to have avoided signing leases right before that. We really waited until the time was right.

The 3,800-square-foot location, next to a Bloomingdale’s store inside the upscale Westfield Century City outdoor mall, will open early next year as the company progresses the process of permission from the city.

But the plan is to have a retail outpost with wraparound windows, high ceilings, and event space to host conferences and seminars to build a community among good American customers. Discussions could focus on how to register to vote, where to get information on access to abortion, how to start a business, or advice on empowering women. “Buyers can find like-minded people and feel inspired,” Grede said.

There will also be larger than normal changing rooms so women have plenty of space to get in and out of clothes and can step away from the mirror to get a full look at their outfit.

About 50% of the merchandise will be denim and the rest will be in other categories. “We will have a heavyweight denim category and other things that we know customers want. Swimming is a big part of that,” Grede said.

With the first store in the works, Good American plans to open two more in Q2 2023. Both stores will be located in Southern California so the Good American team can monitor and analyze what is working and what is must be improved.

“You know, I worked in stores from when I was 15 until I was 22, and you want to be able to really learn while being in the shop,” Grede said. “Proximity is everything.”

Future stores may be in premier malls, destination sites, or bespoke locations, depending on the city and customer base.

Good American was founded as a denim brand with the goal of serving women of all sizes. These sizes range from 00 to 32. Since then, it has expanded to all kinds of clothing as well as swimwear, introduced in 2020, which is the second best-selling category.

Denim starts at $99 and goes up to $200. A black blazer is $169, a terrycloth t-shirt for $60, and a long-sleeve knit maxi dress for $130. “We try to respond to as many women as possible,” Grede said. “We want to get them in and out with a full outfit for $150.”

Grede, who knew the Kardashians from working as an influencer marketer and as the founder of agency ITB Worldwide, approached Khloé Kardashian about starting a clothing business, and she signed on.

In 2019, Grede’s Swedish husband, Jens Grede, co-founder of denim brand Frame, co-founded loungewear and loungewear brand Skims with Kim Kardashian.

Between the two, Skims and Good American are expected to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue. Skims recently raised $240 million in a Series B funding round led by Lone Pine Capital. Skims is reportedly on track to generate $400 million in sales this year, up from $275 million last year. Its valuation is now $3.2 billion.

Good American is expected to generate about $200 million in revenue this year and grow next year with new retail stores.

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