Giants’ Dexter Lawrence launches Dexxywear clothing line

Dave Gettleman likes to borrow Tom Coughlin’s old line “Great men let you compete”.

It turns out that big men let you dress up.

“Honestly in high school,” Sexy Dexy, aka Dexter Lawrence, told The Post, “I could never wear a lot of clothes, and I always used to say that to love my mom or someone from other, I just have to do my own stuff. ‘ “

He believed from high school that clothes make a man. But he was not a fashionista.

“I just had to get what I could,” Sexy Dexy said.

He looked everywhere.

“Everywhere, big and big. If Macy’s had a big and big [section] I was in there, the Burlington Coat Factory, stuff like that, ”Sexy Dexy said.

So now the man makes the clothes.

“It would be frustrating to go to the mall, try to find clothes, then go to college. [Clemson], it got a little worse, I was frustrated going to the mall, I still couldn’t put stuff away, so I always had this idea in my head that I wanted to do it. And last year, I acted on it a bit.

And so Dexxy Wear (@dexxywear) launched over the past week, targeting … well, let the website say it:

“We have big & tall and everything else !! We are here for you !

“I’m going to wear whatever I go out,” Sexy Dexy said. “It’s kind of my state of mind behind it.”

Sexy Dexy was tall when he was little. When Gettleman drafted him in the first round in 2019, Gettleman grinned widely in a post-draft photoshoot and said, “I bought myself a Hog Mollie.” This one measures 6 feet 4 inches, 340 pounds with a height of 42 or 44 inches.

“I’m a bit 3X, but everything fits differently,” Sexy Dexy said.

When asked to describe her dress style, Sexy Dexy said, “Kind of like a nice laid back, relaxed vibe. But also like casual at the same time. Whatever I wear, I can wear it all day long. , go to dinner or go [out]. … So it’s like laid back but fun, but comfy, this type of style.

# 97 New York Giants defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence celebrates
Dexter Laurent
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

You name it, it will get it.

“I have sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, shirts, sweatpants. It’s gonna get bigger, ”Sexy Dexy said.

A team player in every way, expect to spot your favorite Giants in dexxywear.

“I’ll try to bring some for everyone to wear,” Sexy Dexy said.

I asked Sexy Dexy if Gettleman – who can certainly be included in Big and Tall and everything in between – would look good in dexxywear.

“Yes, he can have them too. … He’s OG Sexy, ”Sexy Dexy said with a laugh.

I asked him who on the team he could hire as a good dexxywear model.

“In my team? Me! ”Sexy Dexy said, and laughed.

Other than you?

“Kind of like a guy in every group,” he said. “Small group, medium group, large group. One guy from each of them.

Giants safety Xavier McKinney – 6 foot, 201 – would likely be in the middle group.

“I saw something on IG that he posted,” McKinney told The Post. “I haven’t really looked at him much, but I’ll actually tell him about it and see if I can get some clothes.”

Practice team tackle Isaiah Wilson – 6-7, 330 and up – would be in the big group. Or 3X large. “He’s huge,” Sexy Dexy said. “I have to put it on. I don’t think he knows it yet.

Sexy Dexy plans to expand dexxywear to shopping malls.

“We talked about it a bit. We are still working on this, ”he said.

New York Giants Dexter Lawrence II celebrates with BJ Hill after Lawrence kept the pressure on Washington quarterback Kyle Allen forcing him to throw the ball away
Dexter Lawrence says he’s working on his bag dance.
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

He also worked on his bag dance. His 1.5 bags have come in the past two weeks.

“I call it the Big Sexy,” he said. “I’m having fun there. Just to bring some excitement, you know, get the whole sideline to do it with me, just to make the game laugh. We are always there doing what we have been doing since the children.

He always believed he was more than a hangman on the defensive line. The bags come in clusters.

“I just feel like I’m doing what I’ve been doing since the start of the year,” Sexy Dexy said. “They’re just falling to me now.”

Monday evening, the Giants dryer will gallop after Patrick Mahomes.

“It’s going to be fun,” Sexy Dexy said. “I’ll try to keep it in my pocket.”

He took possession of his offside penalty that led to the field goal in overtime that beat the Giants against the Washington football team.

“Just players [mess] sometimes, ”Sexy Dexy said. “I just had to be more locked in the moment. I don’t hold anything like that over my head. I know I can’t let this happen again. I don’t want to let anyone down.

The Giants forged their identity on Sunday against Sam Darnold and the Panthers.

“Just to be mean,” Sexy Dexy said. “Play fast, play hard, communicate with everything. Giving that attitude of you doesn’t give af-k. Just go play soccer. Go have fun with your brothers.

Sexy Dexy was asked if he has a message for Giants fans.

“If you want to feel good, if you want to feel sexy like Dexy, try wearing it,” he laughed.

I had one last question for Sexy Dexy: were you born Sexy?

“I was born sexy,” he laughed.

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