F1 News: McLaren’s Lando Norris launches new clothing range in collab with Castore ahead of 2022 British F1 GP

Ahead of the 2022 F1 British Grand Prix this weekend, Lando Norris has launched an exciting new clothing range in conjunction with Castore to celebrate British culture at his upcoming home race. The new range includes fashionable hoodies, t-shirts, sunglasses and caps.

With “LN04” written across most merchandise, the range follows a core color palette of black, white, aqua and a striking neon yellow, particularly on t-shirts, along with the McLaren logo.

Lando Norris also owns a brand called “Quadrant”, which combines racing and gaming related content, and even has another line of clothing.

Lando Norris admits to being ‘conflicted’ over technical guideline for porpoising

The FIA ​​announced a technical directive to intervene to address porpoising issues experienced by 2022 cars earlier in June. The paddock showed mixed feelings for the same, with several drivers unhappy with the mid-season changes, while some admit safety comes first.

As reported by the telegraph, Lando Norris admitted he had mixed feelings about the directive, saying:

“My main concern is that it’s fair for everyone – ideally you would implement all the changes after the season – but inevitably it will affect some more than others. Obviously, we designed our car one way, with a certain philosophy in mind, and that could move things further in our direction or away from it. We will see. There are people much smarter than me who are responsible for solving it.

Admitting he’s not exactly desperate for a change in regulations given that McLaren doesn’t face significant porpoising issues, he said:

“I have to admit I was a little mixed on that. The truth is, we’re not massively impacted by porpoising, so we weren’t pushing for change. But safety must come first. If there is a real danger that drivers will have long-term health consequences from bouncing, or that they will lose concentration and crash, then something must be done. I can see both sides.

Of all the teams on the 2022 grid, Mercedes is apparently the one that has struggled the most with porpoising. The team’s concerns and demand for an immediate change stemmed from the impact of the rebound on the drivers’ physical well-being, as evidenced by the severe back pain suffered by Lewis Hamilton during the 2022 F1 Azerbaijan GP at the beginning of last month.

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