Colbo is New York’s best new concept store

New York has a reputation as a shopping mecca, but usually not for the right reasons. No, forget about giant department stores and fast fashion outposts – the best browsing in town can only be had at must-see local stores.

at Tal Silberstein Colbo is one of those places. Tucked away in a cozy space on Orchard Street in the trendy Nolita neighborhood, Colbo is equally worthy of being a destination store and local hangout.

Silberstein has an avant-garde eye and a deep appreciation for common spaces, with roots in Tel Aviv and a resume that includes stints with LVMH award-winning designer Hed Mayner and the hip Brooklyn venue. Public documents.

Colbo allows Silberstein to personally unite these motives.

Part café, event space and retailer, Colbo offers quick sips, vinyl records, ceramics, incense, clothing and accessories.

Colbo doesn’t have an online store (as of yet – the space just opened in November 2021), so you’ll have to stop by IRL to shop for clothes from up-and-coming names like her pal. Hed Mayner, MEAL, Archie, and Csillag, some of which are not stored anywhere else in the city, except in the countryside.

Quite often, especially in New York City, stores designed as accessible hangouts often find themselves with a whiff of exclusivity, a ‘you can’t sit with us’ elitism fostered by set designers who flood the joint to the only looking for the next cool thing.

That won’t be the case for Colbo, in part because Silberstein doesn’t see consumption as Colbo’s sole raison d’être.

Instead, Silberstein envisions Colbo as “a store that doesn’t make you feel like you have to buy, but can also engage, sit, and enjoy the energy, people, and space. “he said in a statement.

This means there is no study, no babysitting, no intrusive person to come in and chat over a cup of filter coffee.

Whether or not you leave with a purchase doesn’t matter – Silberstein seeks only to provide a comfortable, stress-free corner of New York City.

That being said, with Colbo’s selection of stuff, it’s hard to think of a better place to spend both your time and money.

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