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As President and Executive Creative Director for PXG ClothingRenee Parsons certainly knows a thing or two about golf. But the philanthropist and entrepreneur, who is also the wife of PXG founder Bob Parsons, has also made a name for herself in the fashion world. “There is a need in the market for outfits that are functional but stylish, efficient and bold,” she says. “It’s about highlighting the duality of the pieces while offering versatile clothing capable of accompanying you on your course, whether on the golf course or after golf.

Mission Accomplished: Parsons revolutionizes the style of women’s golf play by creating a versatile and forward-thinking clothing collection in PXG that transcends the golf course, with pieces that enhance performance while providing a stylish touch to traditional sportswear for women. Think chic overlays, edgy jumpers, faux leather and more than a traditional ladies’ polo shirt and golf skirt.

In 2022, expect the brand to have more physical stores nationwide, including a brand new store in Dallas that just opened last month. “We are delighted that we were able to open a brick and mortar market in this market, not only to better serve our existing customers, but hopefully to give more people the opportunity to experience the PXG lifestyle and to experience the PXG lifestyle. be part of our PXG troops, ”she said. said. Below, find Parson’s picks for her favorite clothes to wear during and after a day on the golf course.

Renee Parson’s Favorite Items for Golf and After-Golf

The perfect look on the course

“My husband introduced me to golf and it was love at first sight with this special game. The ability to play at any age and at any time in life is rare for a sport. I always say you play your best when you are your best. The PXG Ombre skirt and matching PXG Ombre polo shirt give the avant-garde golfer an effortless look with edge. It maintains a classic and flattering silhouette, but feels stylistically modern and fun with the layered hues.

After Golf Trousers

“Although I love to play golf, I love the social aspect the most. After a game, I like to meet up with friends over a cocktail, a sunset activity called après-golf. I want something that is both stylish and comfortable, like these eco-leather pants. They can be worn easily, pair with any top, take up minimal bag space and are sexy.

Play by ear

“Accessories are essential on and off the course, they add a touch of personal style to any outfit. Bulgari B.Zero1 hoops say a lot without saying too much. They are unpretentious gorgeous, comfortable, and complementary to any look and vibe you decide to opt for your tee time or cocktail date.

The essentials for cool days on and off the course

“Over the seasons, I like to use a Hermès shawl as a daytime scarf and a real shawl at night. It’s something I travel often with that fits easily in my suitcase or favorite tote.

A Shoo (e) -In

What you wear after your round of golf will depend on the course you just played and the night ahead, Parsons advises. “It is necessary for a woman to have the possibility of having both heels and sneakers. I recently wore my Bottega Veneta Lido high heel slippers with my PXG eco-leather pants and I feel like I’m dressed up for a fun night out, but not at the cost of not being able to walk the next day.

The little black dress

“There is nothing better than an iconic piece that you know will dazzle on any occasion. I love my little black dress, the best part is that it’s timeless. It can be dressed effortlessly with a pair of Chanel combat boots, or perfect for a stylish moment with a pair of heels.

The perfect layering piece

“I love our PXG Cashmere Cardigan because it’s a functional transitional piece both on and off the green. You can wear it in so many ways, and it will transcend the evening class. It’s also the perfect gift to give someone when you’re unsure of their style – everyone loves a cashmere cardigan – it’s an effortless classic.

The functional bag “It”

Who would have expected the fanny pack to be the most useful fashion accessory to date? But there you go, and it’s great. “Everyone should own a fanny pack, or if you’re ultra-chic like Chanel, you’ll call it a belt bag,” Parsons says. “Either way, it serves a place on and off the golf course and could be your best investment yet.”

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