Atlanta rapper buys Houston store to treat kids before Christmas

The rapper and YouTube sensation whose real name is Tysen Jay Bolding, 35, dropped by a local City Gear Thursday morning and picked up the entire Houston children’s clothing and shoe store.

He announced it on Twitter showing stacks of shoeboxes and tons of flashing cash.

Clothes and shoes will be distributed during a drive to 5015 bar On Friday, he told his Instagram page, to “all single moms and all parents who need shoes for the kids.”

In a second video, a store employee is heard saying that he had to break down his order in increments because he spent too much money – “40 racks”, which equates to $ 40,000 – and because the checkout was too slow.

“They broke a record,” the employee said. “No one has ever done this before.

“This is what it is about,” wrote a Twitter user under profile @ dave20190. “Some of these kids needed their shoes. Now they can feel themselves fly and look like they fly and feel good. Crazy respect.”

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