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Nine brands of the Apparel group earn recognition from DED Consumer-Friendly Company. Brands include Tommy Hilfiger, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Dune London, Charles & Keith, Aldo, Naturalizer, R&B, Skechers & Athlete’s Co.

Dubai Economy has unveiled for the first time the preliminary results of the rating of companies for their user-friendliness. The assessment, conducted on the basis of the region’s first consumer-friendly standards, launched last year by the Trade Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in Dubai’s economy, aims to establish a integrated system allowing companies to develop the customer experience and the services they provide.

The four evaluation criteria are grouped under two themes: sustainability and competitiveness. The Sustainable Development theme includes Strategy and Communication criteria, while Competitiveness covers Customer Service and Development. Overall, the companies scored an average score of 75.8 percent in the assessment, while sustainability alone averaged 79.77 percent and competitiveness, 72.55 percent. Companies periodically assessed for their user-friendliness will support them in the evolution of strategic plans and channels of communication with consumers. The results obtained during the first assessment offer companies the opportunity to improve their user-friendliness for both topics.

Nilesh Ved, President of Apparel Group, said it is a great honor for Apparel Group to be recognized and celebrated by the Ministry of Economic Development as a “friendly” company.

“We are very proud that all of our participating brands, Tommy Hilfiger, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Dune, Charles & Keith, Aldo, Naturalizer, R&B, Skechers & Athlete’s Co have excelled in the standards evaluation criteria. At Apparel Group, we strive every day to achieve high customer satisfaction and an exceptional customer experience, ”he said.

He said that the intensive assessment of consumer-friendly standards has allowed us to self-assess our existing standards and has given us the opportunity to deepen our customer-related processes and continually improve.

“Participating in this evaluation process also gave us the opportunity to share our best practices. It was an excellent internal benchmarking exercise, where different brands of the Group had the opportunity to share their best practices. We thank Dubai Economy for its hands-on approach and for always guiding us through this process, ”he said.

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