AKILA LA Flower District Gift Shop Information

In the year 2021, AKILA Eyewear Footprint has been in tears with collaborative projects as it has partnered with many different entities such as Pleasures, Chemist Creations, Grateful Dead and more. And while all of these launches have been fun and successful, he’s looking to take his brand to the next level with his brand new Flower District gift shop initiative. It is a retail space based in Los Angeles, California and organized by AKILA with the intention of showcasing various unique brands, designers and artists.

From a product perspective, the space features a ton of AKILA eyewear products. Many of the brand’s iconic silhouettes in different colors hang on the wall shelves hanging on both sides of the store. In addition, the shopping destination also serves as a pop-up for three brands including Mister Green, Dale Zine and Bricks & Wood.

Detailed photos of the space can be found in the gallery above. In case you need new sunglasses or want to check out products from the aforementioned brands, the Fashion District store is now open for viewing Monday through Saturday from noon to 6 p.m. PDT.

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