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The first thing many of us do when we get home is change the clothes we’ve been wearing all day. Whereas in the past we could have just hung these clothes in the wardrobe, the growing concern about allergies and pollutants and the special care that is needed for clothes made from sensitive materials like cotton, muslin, wool and leather made it a bit more difficult to care for clothes properly. more delicate. If you need a smarter way to take care of your clothes, then the Bespoke AirDresser might just be for you.

The Bespoke AirDresser grows to understand your lifestyle, with its powerful AI features making your daily life easier so you can spend your time however you want. And for a thorough clean, the Bespoke AirDresser has a dual care system that removes a range of harmful substances from your clothes. It reduces 99.9% of common bacteria and viruses, kills 100% of dust mites[1] and eliminates 99% of odors from clothes.[2] Finally, it completely eliminates any residue of the gases used during the cleaning process by the device itself.

The Bespoke AirDresser’s attractive front panel also makes your AirDresser a sleek, minimalist addition to your home. The Crystal Mirror panel offers a style that suits any decor in any room of your home.

Your smart garment care assistant

After coming home from work, simply hang your clothes in the custom made AirDresser and let the AirDresser do the rest. The AI ​​Control feature helps you save time by showing you recommended settings based on your lifestyle – all you have to do is select the course displayed right at the top.

The AI ​​Pattern feature customizes the controls displayed on your AirDresser’s front panel to suit your habits, including frequently used cycles and settings, and prominently displays your commonly used settings for easy access.

Attentive care for sensitive items

When it comes to items that require specialist care, the Bespoke AirDresser is equipped to give your clothes the precise care they need.

Going to the dry cleaners after a long day can be very boring. Fortunately, the Bespoke AirDresser is here to lighten your load and save you the time and trouble of finding a reliable dry cleaner to take care of your sensitive items. Custom Cycle, a feature accessible through the SmartThings app, recommends tailored care routines based on the type of fabric and garment you’ve chosen. The Bespoke AirDresser offers personalized care for all types of sensitive garments with just a few clicks and extends the life of your special items.

Free up your schedule

Reduce the time you spend on housework, and optimize your time management with AI Dry features. When caring for clothes made of sensitive materials that may be too delicate for a dryer, you can use the Bespoke AirDresser for worry-free drying after a wash.

Bespoke AirDresser’s AI Dry technology uses a humidity sensor inside the door to also allow for faster drying. By constantly monitoring the humidity of the clothes in the drum, it intelligently reduces the drying time to ensure that your laundry is always completely dried in the shortest possible time without suffering damage.

The recommended retail price of Bespoke AirDresser is RM8,799 but up to 5and In June 2022, you will be able to buy this state-of-the-art device at RM7,599 and receive a Samsung Air Purifier, 34m2 (AX34R3020WW/ME) is worth RM1,049 for free. So don’t miss this amazing offer and get it today[3].

For more information on the Bespoke AirDresser, visit: https://www.samsung.com/my/washers-and-dryers/airdresser/df9000rm-mirror-black-df10a9500cg-fq/

[1] As evidenced by Intertek. 1) Kills 99.9% of viruses including influenza B, norovirus (murine norovirus), rhinovirus (human rhinovirus), hepatitis A (human hepatitis A), rotavirus (porcine rotavirus) and enterovirus (porcine enterovirus). 2) Kills 99.9% of bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, MRSA, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Legionella pneumophilia, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, klebsiella pneumoniae, Corynebacterium diphtheriae and Enterococcus faecalis. 3) kills 100% of dust mites.
Also based on testing by Korea University, College of Pharmacy. Kills 99.9% of viruses including Influenza A, Coronavirus (porcine epidemic diarrhea virus [PEDV]), adenovirus (infectious canine hepatitis) and herpes (infectious bovine rhinotracheitis).
[2] Removes 99% of odor-causing gases (Iso-Valeric Acid: Sweat, 4-Ethenyl Pyridine: Tobacco, Valeraldehyde: Roasting Meat, and Tetrachlorethylene: Dry Cleaning) found by intertek using a normal course. 4) 99% of harmful substances (perchlorethylene) found by Intertek using normal course.
[3] Terms and conditions of application. For more details, visit: https://www.samsung.com/my/offer/appliance/bespoke-air-dresser/

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