4 sustainable clothing brands to buy for Earth Day

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If you’re in the middle of spring cleaning and need a sportswear refresh or just looking for a new pair of leggings, affordable price, non-slip waistband, stylish design and fabric resistant to squats are probably at the top of your list of requirements. However, there may also be another important aspect you are considering: durability.

Buying sustainably can sometimes feel overwhelming or take more work than it’s worth. The time and effort spent researching a brand‘s claims and searching the internet for eco-friendly yet functional pieces that still work and look cute can be time consuming. But, of course, you want to do good for the planet and make eco-friendly decisions about what you put on your body. When you decide to buy from sustainable brands that take their impact on the environment seriously – by finding solutions to slow the rate of carbon released from factory production and by creating clothing made from recycled materials, which help keep plastics and fabrics out of landfills – helping you protect the earth.

The good news? There are some amazing sportswear brands that are committed to working towards carbon neutrality and using sustainable materials. You are bound to discover a name on this list that could become your new favorite brand for outdoor and workout apparel. Check out the must-have leggings from the four eco-conscious brands below for Earth Day and beyond.

  • Wolven Aquarius Ruched Crossover Leggings, $98
  • Wolven Salt Pink Cross Pocket Leggings, $71, was $88
  • Wolven Turmeric Flare Leggings, $102
  • Girlfriend Collective Compressive High Waisted Leggings, $78
  • Girlfriend Collective Compression Flare Leggings, $78
  • Girlfriend Collective Luxe Leggings, $92
  • PrAna Electra Leggings, $36, was $89
  • prAna Becksa ⅞ Leggings, $89
  • PrAna Zawn Leggings, $36, was $89
  • Threads 4 Thought Rita High-Waisted Legging with Pocket, $33
  • Threads 4 Thought Elevate Pocket Legging, $78
  • Threads for Thought Skinny Moto Leggings, $48


Even if you wear hardcore black leggings, this brand’s bright colors and Coachella-worthy prints just might convince you to step out of your comfort zone. As for its dedication to the environment, Wolven has become carbon neutral in 2020, meaning it offsets as many tonnes of greenhouse gases as it produces to make every silky sportswear item. Wolven leggings are also made by breaking down discarded plastics and recycling them into soft, breathable and durable fabric and clothing. In fact, there are 27 post-consumer recycled bottles in every Wolven legging. Additionally, when shipped to customers, the pieces are wrapped in hemp twine and arrive in a reusable, 100% recyclable poly mailer or biodegradable paper box. But the best part? So many shoppers swear the brand’s leggings are the softest they’ve ever felt. And while all of their styles come in classic black, the turmeric orange hue and Aquarius mandala print are sure to have you ready for outdoor yoga class and weekend brunch.

Wolven Aquarius Ruched Cross Leggings

Roundup of sustainable sportswear brands

Wolven Turmeric Flare Leggings

Roundup of sustainable sportswear brands

Wolven Salt Pink Cross Pocket Legging

Roundup of sustainable sportswear brands

girlfriend collective

If you’re not already familiar with Girlfriend Collective, prepare to fall in love. Founded in Seattle, this brand embodies a simple and laid-back vibe but with a vast selection of colors. One thing you might not know about her shopper-loved leggings is that they’re mostly made from recycled materials. Take the brand’s coveted compression pair, for example; it is constructed from 79% recycled materials which even includes 25 used water bottles. And while it doesn’t sound like a recipe for soft, stretchy bottoms, one reviewer assures the high-waisted compression leggings are “some of the most comfortable leggings” they’ve owned. Also note: today you can get 20% off all styles in the Earth colorway (a rich shade of brown) with code EARTH20, and the Girlfriend Collective will donate 20% of their net profits to protect the planet.

Girlfriend Collective High Waisted Compression Leggings

Moss High-Waisted Compression Leggings
collective girlfriend leggings
collective girlfriend leggings


Founded on the idea of ​​creating clothing in a “responsible and ethical” way, prAna tackles the task of eco-friendly production by sourcing cotton and hemp from organic growers, replacing synthetic materials virgin by using recycled nylon and polyester and completely eliminating plastic from its packaging. And of course, the California brand also makes “luxuriously soft and stretchy” bottoms, according to a shopper reviewing Becksa leggings. And if there’s one thing other sportswear brands could (and should) learn from prAna, it’s that pockets big enough to fit an iPhone are a must in 2022. Even better? In honor of Earth Day, all styles are 60% off (plus free shipping) through April 26.

prAna Electra Leggings

Roundup of sustainable sportswear brands

prAna Becksa ⅞ Leggings

Roundup of sustainable sportswear brands

prAna Zawn Leggings

Roundup of sustainable sportswear brands

Discussions 4 thoughts

By buying directly from a brand, you support their values, which is why Threads for Thought strives to make every purchase of their clothing a contribution to ethical and eco-responsible practices. In addition to implementing sustainable raw materials and reusing 80% of the water that powers its factory production, the brand is also partnering with Green Story, an initiative that promotes environmental transparency in the fashion industry. . And when it comes to soft, stretchy lounge and performance leggings, Threads 4 Thought has plenty of obsession-worthy options. “I love everything about these leggings,” one Rita style shopper says, explaining that they have pockets, hide panty lines, and are the “perfect” thickness so you don’t have to worry about it. they reveal too much during your workout. .

Threads 4 Thought Rita High Waist Pocket Legging

Roundup of sustainable sportswear brands

Threads 4 Thought Raised Pocket Legging

Roundup of sustainable sportswear brands

Threads for Thought Skinny Moto Legging

Roundup of sustainable sportswear brands

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