2022 World Series: Local Houston store Martin Tailors, manager of Houston Astros game uniforms

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) — Now that the Astros are in the World Series, let’s talk about fashion.

We want our team to be sharp and ready, and we can only thank one company. Bonus: they are local.

Martin Tailors, located at 4712 Feagan Street, is a family business that has been serving the Houston area since 1957, and ABC13 was able to meet with them ahead of Game 2.

We got to see the official elite jerseys that the players will wear during the World Series.

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The white jerseys are for home games and the grays will be worn for away games when the Astros travel to Philadelphia on Monday.

And we’ve seen what they consider the fan-favorite jersey: the bright orange unit.

This week alone they received the official World Series crests which will be sewn onto each team member’s jersey.

The store owner says each jersey is custom made for the players. He also notes that third baseman Alex Bregman likes his cut a little closer to the body than other teammates.

The tailors worked on Hall of Fame jackets and their new business, making custom women’s dresses from Astros jerseys.

We know the Astros look great, but what about fan fashion?

Recently, ABC13 host Rita Garcia sat down with proud Houstonian, Ellyse Espinoza, and talked about her burgeoning company, State Line Designs, which makes clothes for fans.

Espinoza said her most popular t-shirt with the printed words “You’re still mad” was a joke between her and a friend, and now she can’t keep it in stock.

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She said she originally started the business to empower and inspire women. And that moment came full circle when some of the Astros’ wives wanted to place an order.

“I think that was my home run because I started my brand to meet the needs of women originally. I wanted women to wear match day clothes and not feel like, ‘ I have to wear a man’s shirt.’ That’s why I created State Line,” Espinoza said.

Game 2 of the World Series is scheduled for 7:03 p.m. at Minute Maid Park on Saturday.

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